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The Improbable Meeting of Howard & Tracey – Published in Print March 2024, online 21st March, 2024
Available to purchase in all good Supermarkets & Newsagents.
available free online here: URL

A short story inspired by a friend of mine who misheard the name of my wife and will now call her Tracey forever on account of my crippling anxiety preventing me from correcting her. The rest of course is purely fictional. It’s funny where inspiration comes from, but, hopefully, even funnier where it leads.

Review: “A quirky tale that draws the reader in immediately. The piece stood out for its unconventional humour and unique voice.”

Goodbye Mama –  Published 22nd December, 2023
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A short piece entitled “Goodbye Mama” has been published by Australian Writers’ Centre.

Review: “World-building brownie points go to this intergalactic piece – one of very few to decide to set a story off planet. Within its vast expanse, we learn that while things aren’t quite the same as they are down here on Earth (elephant swinging, anyone?), they’re also not completely alien either – with said alien hoping to replicate our soppy farewell rituals. We loved the efficiency of Franz’s speaking and the general ridiculousness of the scene as we witness a touching moment, just like the humans do. Yes, it’s silly, intergalactic nonsense – but well-written silly, intergalactic nonsense.”

The Mover – Published 22nd December, 2023
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My flash fiction entitled “The Mover” has been published by

I’m really proud of this one, as it combines a few things I enjoy into one:

  1. Creative writing
  2. Gnomes
  3. Annoying a work colleague named Chris Shea, who cannot stand gnomes

The Final Administrative Task of Snarfle Beeblefast – Published 23rd June, 2023
Available Here: URL

My flash fiction entitled “The Final Administrative Task of Snarfle Beeblefast” has been published by Australian Writers’ Centre.

Review: “With shades of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett or even the Fraggles, this fun tale takes us down below the surface for a dose of gloopy bureaucracy. As we always say, if you’re going to go silly, go all in – and the world building here dials the absurd up to 11, with hilarious Gloopier names and an unfortunate end result that no doubt mimics many office environments above ground. We’ll never look at volcanoes the same way again…”

TYPE! Issue #7: Love – Published 17th April, 2023
Available Here: URL
Cost: £0.00

My flash fiction entitled “Love” has been published by TYPE! (As seen on BBC Writers Room)

TYPE! Provide A4 published fiction that can be folded to double as a bookmark. They supply a range of vendors, retailers and independent shops with the option for them to charge a small fee and keep all proceeds. They also provide a printable PDF version available free of charge online. 

I was fortunate enough to have a piece of my flash fiction based around the gassy back passage of my now-wife on these wonderful, free, printable bookmarks.

As you can imagine, she was very happy about it.

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