Scott Davies

"Yes, it’s silly, intergalactic nonsense – but well-written silly, intergalactic nonsense."

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here's what I do

About Scott Davies

I’m a writer, I’m a lover, I’m an avid fan of well-run baths. But I’m more than that. Here’s who I am.


Sometimes I write things and other people publish them because they like them. Here’s my best stuff.

"Possibly the best
writer in the
entire house"

- My Wife

Contact A Legend

If you want to get in touch with me the most modern way to do that is via email. I know there are “The Socials” now, I get that, but I can’t be bothered.

The next most modern option is snail mail, but good luck getting my postal address. Even better luck is wished to the person who gets my postal address when it comes to convincing a postman to deliver anything there.

I aim to respond to all messages as soon as possible, which is a broad statement, isn’t it?

    And finally, a frog.